Welcome to AYG

What is AcroYoga? 

AcroYoga is a partner practice that involves creating and building physical shapes through collaboration, communication, and physical engagement. Partners move with each other to achieve postures together. 

Our Mission

To build and support worldwide and healthy human connection through AcroYoga.

Our Philosophy 

AcroYoga Global envisions being a community and platform built on authenticity and compassion. Our goal is to make AcroYoga Global accessible and beneficial to a diversity of people in terms of race, gender, body size, language, class, and more.

We intend to share the practice through the values of safety and inclusion. We commit to the following guidelines: 

  • Safety: First and always. Physical, mental, and emotional safety is our top priority. We will choose pathways to achieve skills progressively so we stay safe throughout the practice. Our teachers guide a class by minimizing risk through meticulous progressions and by choosing exercises with appropriate challenge, and a healthy, yet safe dose of  risk.
  • Collaboration: Through partnership and cooperation to achieve common goals, we foster and nourish belonging and community. Our live online elements cultivate interaction, feedback, as well as the“in-class” feeling. 
  • Play: We believe in the power of play. Let’s nurture our curiosity and creativity together through laughter and fun. 
  • Accessibility: AcroYoga is for everyone, yep, everyone. The company is rooted in social awareness. It does its part in the collective effort to identify and dismantle systems of privilege and marginalization. We commit to offer a variety of levels of classes, a schedule to fit your location, and funding for those who need a financial boost to join. Playback options are offered so members can enjoy classes anywhere around the Globe, at a convenient time for them. If there are ways we can do better, reach out!

Reach out to us! 

We are committed to providing economically accessible classes. If you want to donate to help others afford their membership or need financial support for yours, reach out to us at info@acroyogaglobal.com

*As part of our commitment to the health and welfare of humans, we donate a portion of our profits to GiveWell.org, an organization that ensures donation dollars go to the most effective causes worldwide. When you sign up, your dollars go beyond Global.