Welcome to AcroYoga Global.

How are classes offered?

All classes are offered through the Zoom platform. Download the Zoom app and sign up for an account at zoom.us prior to your class.

Do I have to take the class at the scheduled time?

Classes are offered in three ways:

  1. Sign up before the start time to take your class LIVE with our professional teachers from around the world. In a live class:
    • You receive personalized instruction and guidance from our teachers.
    • You connect with other students from around the world who are working on the material with you.
    • You can interact with your teachers, ask questions, and be seen.
  2. Sign up before the class. After the class finishes every enrolled student will receive a ZOOM PLAYBACK link available for 7 full days. Taking the class in Zoom Playback means:
    • You can take the class whenever it works for you. No more missing classes because of work schedules or time zones.
    • You work at your own pace. Pausing the replay to work on a skill Move forward when you’re ready
    • You still get detailed feedback by hearing what the teachers are telling students in the live recording. Apply that feedback to your own practice!
  3. NOW! All Members have access to our ON DEMAND PLAYBACK service.  Go to My Account in the Main Menu and click on Member Playbacks.  You have access to the previous 7 days of classes at anytime, as well as Member Only bonus classses that are being added all the time.  Sign up for a Membership today to receive the most from your AYG experience.

Does my partner need to pay separately?

No! Prices are per pair. If you are with a larger group, we ask that each pair sign up and log in with a separate device. The price of the solo classes reflects a single person taking those sessions.

Once I’ve paid, how do I find my class?

After you check out you will receive a confirmation email that will include a link for the Zoom meeting where the class will be held. Arrive 5 minutes before class starts to set up your camera and mat.

If you are taking the class in the PLAYBACK function you will be emailed a Zoom link once the class concludes. The link is valid for 7 full days so you can take the class whenever is convenient for you.

How Should I set up my Space for the best experience?

Here are our best tips:

  • Clear your practice space of obstacles or obstructions.
  • Place your yoga mat perpendicular to the camera.
  • Ensure your camera angle includes you (when standing) and your entire yoga mat.
  • Lighting is key! The brighter you can make the lighting in your space the easier it will be for our teachers to assist you in your practice.
  • When you enter the class please keep your Video on and your Microphone off unless you have a question.

I’m a Beginner, where should I start?

We are so excited that you are starting your Movement journey with us.  On the Schedule, any of the classes marked in Blue and labeled Beginner are accessible even if you’ve never tried Acro before.  Come join the Beginner AcroYoga or the AcroYoga Basics classes to experience all of the fun that AcroYoga has to offer!

Do I have to be able to do a Handstand to attend classes?

All of our classes are just that- CLASSES.  Our teachers work hard to help you progress your practice no matter where you are.  The levels and prerequisites are listed on the Schedule page, but you DON’T have to have handstand to start training with us!

Is doing Acro at home safe?

AcroYoga Global is committed to safety and we are creating class plans geared towards your practice at home. However, doing Acro carries some inherent risk. Please use accurate self assessment at all times. If an exercise doesn’t feel safe for you, simply repeat the previous exercise, or ask the teacher for an adjusted option. Safety is the most important aspect of our practice.

We encourage Spotting! We should strive to practice with a spotter at all times.

Is a Monthly Membership worth it?

A membership gives you access to all of our classes and the Playback of any class you sign up for in advance. All of this for less than 80 cents a day!

If I’m a Monthly Member do I still have to sign up for a class?

Yes! If you want to join the class live, signing in for a class is the only way to receive the custom Zoom link for the class. Once you have a Monthly Membership you still have to go through the normal checkout procedure but your cost will be $0. If you want to use the ON DEMAND PLAYBACK, then there is no need to sign up.  Simply go to the Member Playbacks link found in the Main Menu and take the classes whenever is convenient for you!

What if English isn’t my primary language?

Currently our classes are offered primarily in English.  We have teachers from around the world that speak a number of languages.  Language support is listed in each class description.  If you’d like to attend a class with non-English support the best way is to attend the class live, that way our teachers will be sure to offer instruction in your preferred language.  As AYG grows we are looking foward to offering classes in a variety of languages.

Do you offer Private lessons and Custom classes?

Absolutely! Do you want private coaching from your favorite teachers? Want to host an acro evening with some friends? Interested in Corporate team building through acro? Email us at Info@acroyogaglobal.com for details.

Money is tight, is AcroYoga still for me?

Our team at AcroYoga Global is dedicated to helping make AcroYoga accessible to everyone, no matter your economic situation. If you are unable to afford our classes please reach out to us. We will do our best to help find a way for you to join the Global community! Contact us at Info@acroyogaglobal.com

I think this project is amazing and I want to help. What can I do?

If you are able to assist another student who may be struggling in the current world climate please reach out. We’ve started a ‘pay it forward’ fund where you can donate to help other students attend classes. Contact us at Info@acroyogaglobal.com

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Become a Member

Become a member to get unlimited access to classes. As a member you can attend as many classes as you wish for the low price of $49 a month. Each class is also available for replay for 7 days afterwards.